Crawley College Full-time Guide


The Course Guide

As part of the student recruitment process, the College needs to produce a course guide for 2017/8. The course guide will be instrumental in helping the college boost their reputation and become a real contender as a place of study for school leavers in the West Sussex area. The course guide will provide a creative execution that is outcome driven, providing information on courses, progression routes and student life in an easy to digest format.

The Objectives:

  • To provide a tangible source of information on courses, progression and student life that sits alongside the college website.
  • To show the journey a prospective student could take.
  • Convey the achievements of Crawley College’s dynamic and forward thinking student body.
  • Inspire individuals to join the Crawley College
  • Unify the new college merger with Chichester

Crawley College

September 2017


  • 92 pages
  • 16 unique spreads
  • 50+ hand drawn illustrations