Central Sussex College’s 2015 Summer Campaign

Digital / Print

Central Sussex College (now Crawley College) is positioned as the destination for students looking for successful careers. They measure themselves, not by exhaustive league tables and results but by the student’s career and educational success.

What does success look like?

Sometimes a bright, positive outlook is enough. Sometimes a smile so wide, bursting with energy and pride is enough. Central Sussex Colleges 2015 summer campaign was aimed towards shifting perceptions and showing a shared measure of success across the college’s varied audiences.

Campaign Objectives:

  • To change the perception of the college and become a real contender as a place of A-Level and vocational study for school leavers.
  • Encourage interaction through the website and social media platforms.
  • Shift perception and create desire

Central Sussex College (now Crawley College)

July 2015


  • This campaign was also a test to gauge if the branding elements could work as an official rebrand for the college.

Painting a picture

The art of the selfie. A moment where pride takes over and you have something great to share. For the younger audience, we focus primarily on group selfies. Happy, bright, energetic – endearing shots of CSC’s students with their peers.

Each exudes success. Success for each individual. The measure of Success.