Forget Me Nots Identity


The Forget Me Nots are a newly registered charity starting up in Crawley whose aims are to:

  • Raise awareness of Dementia and its effect on carers throughout the community.
  • Improve opportunities for safe social interaction.
  • To support family members, friends or colleagues of someone who is affected by Dementia.

Dementia Brief:
Create a new identity that symbolises the love and support that is at the core of the charity. I have set out to design an identity that aims to communicate the care, values and support the charity provides to families affected by Dementia.

  • Must be bold
  • Must have a reverse version
  • The logo also needs to work with and without a corporate strapline. “Supporting families and carers affected by dementia”.
  • Must work in Black and White “Ideally a simple single flower and text that can be used on thank youcards, newsletters, place mats etc…”.


  • Core represents their base, here in Crawley.
  • The five petals not only resemble the five stages of Dementia but the carers supporting those with Dementia.
  • The extensions to the petals represent the volunteers for the charity that holds the charity together.

The Forget Me Nots Charity

June 2016